Hamann Range Rover 2





The fourth generation of the Range Rover proves that this concept has success and fans all around the globe. The lightweight construction with aluminium, charged six and eight-cylinder engines, fully automatic four-wheel system, and an equipment ranging from a refrigerated storage compartment to massage seats leave nothing to be desired. Nonetheless, there is still enough room for the tuner from Laupheim offering a whole package of ideas for the large Range: HAMANN provides subtle but effective refinement components turning the off-road king into a true character actor. 


The first impression counts. Hence, HAMANN emotionalised the front of the standard model by adding a striking front spoiler. The custom-shaped three-piece part gives the Vogue a completely new face. The spoiler lip, which can be painted in vehicle colour, is a perfect antithesis to the standard model’s stout radiator grille, and connects to the lateral attachments with grilled air intakes. These support brake ventilation and emphasise the Range Rover’s dynamic traits.

HAMANN’s fine-tuning touches to the rear are realised through an elegantly shaped skirt to produce a formidable look. It replaces the unimpressive standard part and converts the body’s end into an imposing stage for HAMANN’s four-pipe sports exhaust system: the stainless-steel pipes ensure a worthy sound for the off-road king. Small detail: the four trapezoidal tail pieces bear the logo of the tuning factory in Baden Württemberg.

For those who think the small refinement programme is not enough, HAMANN developed the Range Rover wide-body kit “Mystère”. Thanks to wing extensions, power-dome bonnet, side panels and new rear skirt the Mystère becomes the Great Savage among the Range Rover brothers. 


For the individual refinement HAMANN offers just the right light-alloy wheels. The demanding Range fan will definitely opt for the high-quality forged “Edition Race” rims. The three-piece 23-inch alloy wheel is designed for high loads and captivates by its extraordinary cross-spoke design. Optical highlight are the black anodised rim stars, titanium bolts and a polished rim flange. As alternative, HAMANN provides the exclusive “Unique Forged” wheel rim range in gunmetal or anodised finishes. As a matter of course, the rims are equipped with tyres with appropriate speed rating.

Sport pedals, floor mats and headrests from HAMANN’s interior line add that certain something to the vehicle’s interior. In addition, the car door LED welcome projector lights that impressively project the HAMANN logo onto the floor perfectly fit the Range Rover’s exclusive character. All tuning modules are available separately or as package. HAMANN realises the exclusive individualisation at its headquarters in Laupheim or at international partner sites.