Hamann F80 M3





The Hamann accessories program for the BMW M3 F80 includes aerodynamic parts of visible carbon-fiber and lightweight plastic, special wheel and tire combinations in various rim designs, as well as performance optimization of the engine. Our chassis and brake parts, as well as the BMW M3 sport muffler contribute to further optimization of the vehicle. Attractive accessories for the interior masterfully round out the extensive program offered by Hamann for BMW M3 F80 Tuning with its sporty credentials.


The 5-piece rear wing kit for the BMW M3 F80 Tuning is derived directly from motorsport. The rear-wing kit that can be painted in the vehicle color is mounted on the trunk deck of the vehicle and visually and technically ensures a successful rear end of the vehicle. It has been optimized for the special requirements of road traffic with regard to suitability for approval, yet nevertheless it is highly effective. The undesired lift of the vehicle on the rear axle is significantly countered with the rear wing kit. Thus the tracking stability of the vehicle, particularly when taking curves at high speeds, on the Autobahn, for example, has been further improved.

Likewise, the design of the underside rear end with its four fins in visible carbon-fiber has clear motor sport influences. The fins ensure that the turbulence of the air flow under the vehicle is neutralized. This not only improves road handling, it also ensures reduced fuel consumption.


Die BMW M3 performance increase from Hamann achieves engine performance of up to 517 hp (series production is 431 hp). Hamann has also been able to again significantly increase torque up to 700 Nm as compared with the series production 550 Nm. With the BMW M3 performance increase, the vehicle's suitability for daily driving also remains completely intact thanks to the broad usable rpm range.

The wheel/tire combinations for the BMW M3 F80 include 20 and 21" forged light alloy wheels. These are available in anodized, as well as painted versions. All M3 rims have the BMW RDK Sensor System for monitoring tire pressure. For further optimization, i.e. for use on a circular track, the M3 rims can optionally be equipped with road-legal sport tires.

The BMW M3 sport muffler from Hamann with 4 tailpipes ensures sonorous, yet consistently unobtrusive sound and is available in chrome, silver matte, and black matte. Thus the M3 Tuning is fully brought to bear. The sport muffler program for the BMW M3 F80 Tuning is supplemented with the tailpipe kit in visible carbon-fiber, these can be combined with the factory standard muffler of the BMW M3.